Ripple lane

Ripple lane

The Course is open with no restrictions. Monument Lane station was opened by the LNWR on their New Street – Wolverhampton High Level ‘Stour Valley’ line ripple lane 1854 and, along with the passenger station, facilities were also provided for a sizeable goods yard and loco shed. Cope Street with the station site to our left now occupied by a Health Centre. Above-right we are on the Ladywood Middleway bridge over the tracks looking at the site of the station in the direction of Wolverhampton.

Above-left we are in the same position but this time looking directly towards Wolverhampton. The aforementioned island platform lay dead in front of the photographer and had wooden waiting rooms and canopies and a wooden kiosk at one end that was used by ticket collectors. A Pendolino has just passed the site of the old station and to the left we can see a track repair van. If you wish to use any of the images for your own non-profit website, feel free to do so but I would appreciate being credited and an e-mail to let me know their new home would be nice. In baseball, judging small distances accurately wins games. In motorcycling, it gets you home early and in one piece.

For five years, I have been commuting from Berkeley to San Francisco and back every day, 15 miles along the I-80 corridor and across the Bay Bridge. Often, I lane-split the whole distance, saving about an hour a day in travel time. ONCE AGAIN THE BLUES IS IN PERFECTLY UNSAFE HANDS! Claw Machine Wizard” is a return to the band’s two man format, and features corky barn burners like “Claw Machine Wizard” and “Booga Chaka”, alongside punked out blues numbers such as “Burn Em Brew” and “High Maintenance”.

Lay Down”, showing that the boys can step out of their comfort zone. Headed by slide guitar extraordinaire Freddy J IV, and backed by drumming machine Pete Dio, Left Lane Cruiser has been making records for over a decade, and along with their music being featured in many hit television series such as Banshee, Breaking Bad, and Nashville, they have been receiving critical acclaim across the globe. It’s so rare to hear music these days that’s actually transgressive, in-your-face, and unapologetic. You know, just like the blues used to be.

Left Lane Cruiser can deliver quality as quantity. Blues as attitude more than ritual. Sporting’ a ass pocket of infectious odes to sex, weed, and booze. If their classic cocktail of spiky slide-fuelled mayhem and gutbucket garage grit ain’t enough, this has a six-pack of leftovers, capped by a wicked cover of The Pusher. Beck In Black’ is a great place to start and the older songs have certainly motivated me to check out their earlier albums. However it’s a strong album in its own right with plenty of classic Left Lane Cruiser to enjoy, with a few songs offering a more mellow side to the band.

Beck in Black is a great starting point for Left Lane Cruiser virgins. If you are a fan of hard rocking, down and dirty, post punk blues rock you will want get to know Left Lane Cruiser and Beck in Black is a the perfect introduction. There’s some dope punk blues in here, recommended whether you’re new to Left Lane Cruiser or already a big fan. Beck In Black is a new place from where to get your Sausage Paw fix. Blues to add to your collection alone, if not for only 800 copies on limited edition metallic gold vinyl courtesy of Alive Naturalsound Records, of course. Six of the 14 tracks are previously unreleased and a few others are re-mastered so there’s plenty of value here for glued-on fans.

Left Lane Cruiser’s chugging, soulful cover of the Steppenwolf classic is coming to an album format near you next month, appearing on the band’s upcoming Beck In Black long-player. God damn the pusher man, indeed. It’s fuzzy, it’s bluesy, it’s stoner rock, it’s got a groove to kill for, but it’s better than that. What makes this a very special record is that if Lemmy from Motörhead played Blues he’d do it like this. DIRTY SPLIFF BLUES packs one hell of a punch, a breathless 40 minutes of brawler blues that shows Left Lane Cruiser can deliver quality as quantity. But it’s awesome in its intensity, drive, and swagger. A rousing clatter that conjures up images of Billy Gibbons fronting the Stooges.