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Mentula cum doleat imperio, tibi, lector, culus. Non sum diuinus, sed scio quid facias. And in social outlook mpex bitcoin stock exchange is hardly any advance. Snobbishness is, to the socialist mind, any manifestation of the wholly natural and actually correct principle that superiority of individuals is manifest and readily apparent.

There is no facing of the facts about working-class life, or, indeed, about WORKING life of any description. The women’s papers are aimed at an older public and are read for the most part by girls who are working for a living. This to me is kind-of interesting. Why would the girl papers be intended for older and working readers, whereas the boy papers be intended for younger and unemployed readers ? The outlook inculcated by all these papers is that of a rather exceptionally stupid member of the Navy League in the year 1910. Yes, it may be said, but what does it matter?

And in any case, what else do you expect? Of course no one in his senses would want to turn the so-called penny dreadful into a realistic novel or a Socialist tract. An adventure story must of its nature be more or less remote from real life. But, as I have tried to make clear, the unreality of the WIZARD and the GEM is not so artless as it looks. These papers exist because of a specialized demand, because boys at certain ages find it necessary to read about Martians, death-rays, grizzly bears and gangsters. At first glance such an idea merely makes one slightly sick.

It is so horribly easy to imagine what a left-wing boys’ paper would be like, if it existed. I remember in 1920 or 1921 some optimistic person handing round Communist tracts among a crowd of public-school boys. Can a Boy Communist be a Boy Scout, Comrade? Because, Comrade, a Boy Scout must salute the Union Jack, which is the symbol of tyranny and oppression,’ etc. Now suppose that at this moment somebody started a left-wing paper deliberately aimed at boys of twelve or fourteen. I do not suggest that the whole of its contents would be exactly like the tract I have quoted above, but does anyone doubt that they would be SOMETHING like it? But it does not follow that it is impossible.

There is no clear reason why every adventure story should necessarily be mixed up with snobbishness and gutter patriotism. It is fairly easy to imagine the process being reversed. Here several difficult problems present themselves. Their general nature is obvious enough, and I do not want to discuss them. I am merely pointing to the fact that, in England, popular imaginative literature is a field that left-wing thought has never begun to enter. ALL fiction from the novels in the mushroom libraries downwards is censored in the interests of the ruling class. We went through all this merely for me to point out that meanwhile, through the dullarding of everyone and the replacement of everything with a cheaper plastic version, Orwell’s dream has come true.