Iota dls45

Iota dls45

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I’m not an expert on batteries. IQ4 doesn’t exactly tell you what it is doing, it just does it. IOTA mentions cable size and length. At full charge current, you want as little voltage difference between the charger and the battery connections as possible. 2 AWG copper, 18 inches long.

I measured both voltage and current into the battery. The DLS-45 will Bulk charge at 45 amps. It raises the voltage up to 14. 8 volts to maintain maximum charge current. 2 volts and what they are calling absorption mode. On my battery this started at about 30 amps and dropped off pretty evenly over the next hour, settling around 8 amps.

The IQ4 also works on AGM batteries. The DLS is made in 15 to 90 amp models. I leave the DLS charger cables hooked to the battery. When the unit is not plugged into AC, there is virtually no current draw from the battery. I’m giving the DLS 4 stars because a lot of what it does is not intuitive, and they are asking you accept what it does on faith. It doesn’t like rain, dust or the summer sun beating on it. One of these IOTA DLS-45’s with the built-in IQ4 came factory installed in a new truck camper I bought.

It worked fine for a year-and-a-half. Then one day I got back from a trip, parked it in the garage, and plugged it in to charge my batteries, as usual. The next morning there was a strange acrid, burning odor in the garage where the camper was parked. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. There was a problem loading comments right now. I purchased this to supplement the factory installed 20A charger on my boat. When on the hook or a mooring I want to be able to quickly charge my house battery bank while the genset is running.