Fidor bank ripple

Fidor bank ripple

Our clients include token issuers, exchanges and major private players. We provide bespoke liquidity services and order execution strategies to global fidor bank ripple across multiple digital asset classes.

The provision of steady liquidity and our determination, even during volatile market conditions, to achieve the best pricing is our promise of client satisfaction. We offer access to a deep pool of OTC liquidity built on the relationships we have developed since the company’s inception. We design our systems to run under a high-security infrastructure, while ensuring implementation of the latest security procedures on behalf of our clients. GSR’s market-making capabilities and proprietary technology provide support for key players in the marketplace.

Our front and back offices are staffed with experts in complex trade orders including oversized and specialised orders and are responsive to assets acutely affected by the news and world events. We are integrated with over a dozen major digital asset exchanges, ensuring access to liquidity on a global scale. To design the right strategy for you, our team of relationship managers and market-makers work to understand your requirements, tailor-making a solution that ensures your goals are achieved. GSR became one of the first market-makers on Ripple’s Consensus Ledger. Integrated with 6 more digital asset exchanges. Integrated with 15 digital asset exchanges worldwide including Poloniex, Bittrex and Bithumb. GSR Markets and GSR Consulting are founded to satisfy client demand for liquidity services.

Hong Kong, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand. 2016 Integrated with 6 more digital asset exchanges. Integrated with 19 digital asset exchanges worldwide including Poloniex, Bittrex and Bithumb. Co-founder and CEO Cris is Co-founder of GSR and leads the company’s trading operations and business development. Before co-founding GSR, he worked as a commodities trader at Goldman Sachs in New York. Since then he has managed an active portfolio of investments across the technology, real estate, hospitality and media sectors. Co-founder Alex is Co-founder of GSR and advises on the company’s IT operations and security.

Previously, he held key roles in building several successful internet companies spanning the services and retail sectors. CTO Nim is CTO of GSR and is responsible for trading platform development and integration. Nim has over 16 years of experience building software solutions and trading platforms in the financial services sector, including at Goldman Sachs in London and Source Capital AG in Zug. Nim has a master of engineering degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Southampton.