Crypto chipper

Crypto chipper

An AIC must know it is an AIC. An AIC must not operate outside of its clearance. An AIC must operate for the benefit of the Foundation. Crypto chipper AIC must protect its own existence unless it conflicts with other principles.

We see you might be interested to write for the AIAD canon? The division’s sole purpose is to develop, study, and utilize the burgeoning field of the AI sciences. It is a field that is both fascinating, misunderstood, and in some cases resented. Arguably the best division in the Foundation. The Foundation understands that if they are not investing time understanding this cutting edge tech, some other organization is. In fact there’s evidence already present that such tech is being exercised outside of the Foundation.

That fact alone is enough to keep AIAD supplied with a healthy annual budget to fund its projects. Structurally, there’s plenty of researchers on staff with a multitude of related backgrounds from computer sciences to communication technicians. The Foundation understands that as the world becomes more technological and dependent on that technology, there must be a presence inside both monitoring and protecting it. It was more or less haphazardly that MTF K-10 was created as kind of a “knee-jerk” reaction to a critical problem that wasn’t fully understood. SCP Foundation and the internet at large. Many times this means assuming the role of a counter-AI force. Because patrolling the internet for threats that can both move and think at light-speed is just impossible for any human, it relies on AICs to do the dirty work on behalf of them.

Obviously keeping AICs in check and making sure they behave while they are out in the real world is a very big concern of the AIAD. Hence there’s a growing consensus outside of the division that is attempting to have the MTF disbanded for fear of it blowing up in their faces much like another past mistake. There’s plenty of pressure on both sides squeezing down on AIAD to keep things high and tight until a decision is made one way or the other. No central organizing church body is known to exist. However, interviews and covert surveillance has determined that all known cells are in regular contact with one another, and capable of coordination. Maxwellists favour small-scale body modification through the use of advanced cybernetics and organ enhancement.

Within the AIAD canon, they represent a separate organization that is neither benign nor hostile. Rather they would prefer to not be disturbed and conduct their own business outside of Foundation knowledge. In this, it is explained how the Maxwellist network and hierarchy operates. For more details please refer to THIS POST. As seen in the series, there is an obvious visual style that is followed. AIAD has been known to dabble in visual storytelling and experiment with different forms of media to immerse the reader. While this is the most memorable thing about AIAD, it is emphatically not the basis for it.

The most important part about AIAD is the storytelling, no matter how it’s presented. AIAD also is an opportunity to build expansive virtual worlds and characters that are not bound by any pre-existing points of reference. AIAD can be as free and as weird as you need it to be. There’s no real distinction between the human world and the virtual world other than seeing which one runs slower.

AIAD also puts a large focus on the relationships between the humans and the AIs themselves. AIs in this canon have personalities. Personalities don’t make them necessarily better at their clerical tasks, but conditioning traits such as empathy, friendship, curiosity, etc. Hence, many times the AIs exhibit human-like emotions and reactions which sometimes are in fact not by design at all. AIAD is supposed to be fun. If done correctly, it can even be scary. But mostly it’s meant to be a way of doing something different in the SCPverse that isn’t necessarily focused on humans.