Crypto 137

Crypto 137

This paper is a short introduction to cryptography and encryption. It explains the different kind of cryptographic crypto 137 and why it is essential for the privacy of the online users. Information sent by those means may include sensitive personal data which may be intercepted.

There is commercial activity going on the Internet and many web sites require the users to fill forms and include sensitive personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, and credit card information. Encryption is basically an indication of users’ distrust of the security of the system, the owner or operator of the system, or law enforcement authorities. Encryption transforms original information, called plaintext or cleartext, into transformed information, called ciphertext, codetext or simply cipher, which usually has the appearance of random, unintelligible data. The transformed information, in its encrypted form, is called the cryptogram.

Encryption provides confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the information transferred from A to B. It will be a secret transmission ensuring that its integrity has not been tampered and also it is authentic, that the information was sent by A. The ability to protect and secure information is vital to the growth of electronic commerce and to the growth of the Internet itself. Many people need or want to use communications and data security in different areas. These involve transfer of huge amount of money from one bank to another.

As the economy continues to move away from cash transactions towards “digital cash”, both customers and merchants will need the authentication provided by unforgeable digital signatures in order to prevent forgery and transact with confidence. This is an important issue related to the Internet users. The customers over the Internet would like to be secure about sending their credit card information and other financial details related to them over a multi-national environment. Also business and commercial companies with trade secrets use or would like to use encryption against high-tech eavesdropping and industrial espionage. Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, dentists or accountants who have confidential information throughout their activities will need encryption if they will rely on the use of Internet in the future.

Criminals do use encryption and will use it to cover their illegal activities and to make untraceable perfect crimes possible. There are two general categories of cryptographic keys: Private key and public key systems. Private Key Cryptography Private key systems use a single key. The single key is used both to encrypt and decrypt the information. Both sides of the transmission need a separate key and the key must be kept secret from. The security of the transmission will depend on how well the key is protected.