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Chi rho iota page

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’chi rho iota page not a robot. Broadly, a chapter is an organization of members of the fraternity attached to an institution or geographic location which has received a charter authorizing it to operate as the local unit of Lambda Chi Alpha.

A colony is a local group which is being organized or reorganized and has not yet met the standards for a charter. Lambda Chi Alpha chapters are known as subordinate Zetas, or simply Zetas. Thus, the Alpha chapter at Boston is referred to as Alpha Zeta. Zetas are identified by Greek letters in a unique “scrambled alphabet” naming scheme. At the fraternity’s inception, founder Warren A.

Cole assigned Greek letters to petitioning groups that had not yet been chartered. Predictably, not all of these groups were chartered. As a result, the first seven chapters were designated Α, Γ, Ε, Ζ, Ι, Λ, and Β, in that order. Therefore, the chapters are named in the order: Α, Γ, Ε, Ζ, Ι, Λ, Β, Σ, Φ, Δ, Π, Ο, Μ, Τ, Η, Θ, Υ, Ξ, Χ, Ω, Κ, Ν, Ρ, Ψ. When Theta Kappa Nu merged with Lambda Chi Alpha in 1939, former Theta Kappa Nu chapters were assigned chapter designations prefixed with Θ, Κ, or Ν. 1905 and Loyal Collegiate Associates est. 1900 and Alpha Brotherhood of Sigma Phi Delta est.

1907 and Theta Lambda Phi est. 1916 and Alpha Tau Epsilon est. 1913, Affiliated National Federation of Commons Clubs est. 1919 and Pi Sigma Alpha est. 1919 and Mu Delta Phi est.

1920, and Lambda Pi Epsilon est. Closed by the university for alcohol violations in 2012. 1926 and Zeta Tau Lambda est. 1928, Kappa Delta Sigma Lambda est. 1944 and Delta Sigma Chi est. 1940 and Alpha Gamma Pi est. Formed as Beta Kappa Nu local fraternity in 1929.