Black star ripple deep weave

Black star ripple deep weave

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984 0 0 0 19 8c2. The Force can be bent to your will, but often there is a cost. The most powerful rituals of the dark side exact a toll few are willing to pay. By those against whom it was used, Sith magic, also called Sith sorcery, was described as the full destructive power of the dark side of the Force. Sith magic was perceived differently by those who were subjected to its power. Some Force-sensitive beings felt as though it consumed their life energy, while others became physically weaker and felt like all their strength was being siphoned. Those who practiced Sith magic found its power as a viable means of bringing their goals to fruition.

Members of the planet Onderon’s Naddist Sith cult, many of whom were seasoned magicians, believed themselves to be indomitable so long as Sith magic was theirs to command. Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane believed that beings with a true affinity for Sith magic were few and far between. There is a dark side to the Force. Unchecked it brings death and destruction. Since the days of the Old Republic, Sith magic had elicited fear from the Jedi. In the waning years of their Golden Age, some Sith feared the power commanded by the more prominent sorcerers of the Empire.

Sith magic survived Darth Zannah and was practiced with much less exposure than previous generations by subsequent members of her Order, including the sovereign of the Sith-ruled Galactic Empire, Darth Sidious, whose continued adherence to its rituals was known only to very few individuals. The magic of the Sith is even more powerful than we thought! We can blast our enemies into dust! Battle often required Sith sorcerers to unleash devastating spells to vanquish their enemies. Potent blasts of dark side energy were capable of causing physical harm to sentients, non-sentients, and spirits alike. Sometimes the sorcerer’s hand was burned, but the power of the dark side made them impervious to the pain.

Several Sith sorcerers possessed the ability to form iridescent bolts of pure hatred. When hurled at their enemies, the victim suffered from extreme agony as the voices of a thousand wretched souls screamed within their minds. Out of the dark well of night they came, creatures born to the coldness of space. Devouring planets, swallowing stars, and drawing all ships to their deaths! The domination of another being’s mind and will was possible through Q├ózoi Kyantuska, a spell that gave Sith sorcerers dominion over other beings and compelled those beings into actions they would have otherwise not performed.

Besides direct control of another sentient’s mind, Sith sorcerers were able to distort the Force perceptions of the Jedi by pretending to be followers of the light. This was done by creating a false light side aura, usually for the purpose of mingling with those who would have normally had a negative predisposition toward dark side adherents. Illusions borne of Sith magic were lifelike astral projections that touched all of an individual’s sensory perceptions. Some Sith historians speculated that illusions disrupted the flow of the Force to the victim’s mind, causing them to perceive their surroundings in ways that they otherwise would not.

Aside from outwardly-expressed illusions, Sith magicians possessed the ability to create hallucinations within the minds of specifically targeted individuals by summoning their worst fears. After performing a series of intricate hand gestures, a Sith sorcerer was able to reach into a sentient being’s mind and call forth that which scared the victim the most. The potency of the spell varied as the sorcerer saw fit. Those who practiced Sith magic often believed themselves to be above reproach, and held no compunction about violating the sanctity of another sentient being’s mind. With Sith magic, a sorcerer was able to tamper with the memories of another.